Choosing a Home Birth | CAST 048

CAST 048
Choosing a Home Birth

I absolutely loved this episode! Super relaxed and it was my first time interviewing my guest in person, sitting relaxed on the couch and having a chat. I

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Finding Your Desire | CAST 045

CAST 045
Finding Your Desire

Definitely one of my fave episodes to date. Julie is so eloquent, she shares so deeply, she is so so wise and I feel blessed to be able to bring you this epi

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Waterbirth | CAST 042

CAST 042

Yes its true – I have truly been looking forward to sharing this episode more than any other. As a 2x Waterbirther myself and knowing that I would only ever choose

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Rockstar Birth | CAST 037

CAST 037
Rockstar Birth

I totally loved this interview! Shalom Stone and I both speak the same language which is so evident throughout this episode. Its quite a long one and well truth b

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Reframing Pain | 020

What a thrill to have Rhea Dempsey on the show for our 20th episode! A blessing to the birth world and a woman of such wisdom.I am so happy to share this important message from Rhea and I love her cho

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My Birth Wishes | CAST 017

CAST 017
My Birth Wishes

X Dr Kaz Jaffe
Emily Jones’s Bio:
Emily is a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, HypnoMothering Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Infant Massag

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