CAST 045
Finding Your Desire

Definitely one of my fave episodes to date. Julie is so eloquent, she shares so deeply, she is so so wise and I feel blessed to be able to bring you this episode. Its a goodie! You will have tingles.


X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Julie Tenner’s Bio:

Julie Tenner, The Pleasure Nutritionist and co-founder of Nourishing the Mother and mother of three is a Naturopath, specialising in women’s health, Birth Coach and Mothering Mentor on a mission to reconnect women to their pleasure and nourish so much more than just their bodies.

Beyond the nutrient impact of food

Frustrated with the paradigm of health and nutrition which sees women berate themselves for breaking their ‘food rules’, Julie’s approach looks beyond the nutrient impact of food to look at our beliefs, conditioning and uncover what it is that truly moves us as women, giving us to permission to receive, nourish and inspire – creating a ripple effect in our families and out into our communities.

When women say “yes” to themselves, they pave the way for those around them. When women awaken their sensuality, when they feel deliciously connected to who they are, when pleasure becomes part of them, not separate to them – they become a beacon for desire and magnificence.

For over a decade Julie has helped women reconnect to their magnificence – because relationships, health, birth and motherhood can be a luscious love affair.

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