CAST 053
Adrenal Fatigue

Happy 1st Birthday to us, Episode 53 here we are!

And such an important topic being discussed here by the fabulous Jules Galloway. It was loads of fun and I’m sure you can relate to so much of what Jules sees in her clients and here she is givein us some strategies and tips to combat the fatigue.


X Kaz

Jules Galloway’s Bio:

Jules Galloway is a passionate naturopath, speaker, podcaster, and recipe creator.

Health wasn’t always Jules’ priority. After a challenging youth, she lived a party lifestyle for over a decade. But when it began to take its toll on her mind and body, she ditched the busy inner city life for a fresh start in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Fatigued to Fabulous

Diagnosed with pyrrole disorder, adrenal fatigue and a pesky gene mutation thrown in for good measure, Jules has learned the importance of nourishing herself – using wholefoods, supplements, happiness, gratitude and a good dose of humour.

Now with over 10 years of clinical experience, Jules has made it her mission to help women find their shine again. She’s guided hundreds of women through her eCourse, “Shiny Healthy You – Fatigued to Fabulous in 12 Weeks,” and also sees clients individually. Her podcast gets thousands of downloads every month.

When she’s not helping her tribe to become healthy, Jules can be found surfing, hanging out with her husband and their elderly rescue dogs, or walking the famous Byron Bay lighthouse track.

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CAST 052
Stress & cracking the Stress Code.

This week we have our first interview with a guest on the show for a 2nd time.

I just had to get Damian back on the show again to share his teachings around stress and how when ongoing, it can lead to anxiety, insomnia and even depression and more importantly also how we can get out of it.

It’s once again a high energy episode with a bit of humor between us seeing as we have known each other for 16 years and if you didn’t hear the first (Episode 49) it can be found here which has already had a crazy huge number of downloads and needs to be shared with all mums.

Enjoy this episode!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Dr Damian Kristof’s Bio:

I’ve been in the health industry now for more than 20 years in many different capacities. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Chiropractor I have enjoyed helping thousands of people regain health and vitality through natural approaches. I am continually excited and delighted by the life changes that people experience when they start to trust in their own ability to heal without excessive intervention.

Naturopathic and Chiropractic

My path through health has been exciting and varied, and at the same time very challenging and rewarding. I love the ability to interact on a one on one basis daily with my practice members and at the same time, I love the ability to educate and inspire people to change through multi media including Radio (Melbourne’s Triple M), TV (Downsize Me, Inside New Zealand, Brian and Bobby, The Exchange) Podcasting (The Wellness Guys and 100 Not Out) and of course in a seminar setting with The Power Of Food and Crack Your Stress Code events. My belief is that both the nervous system and the gastro-intestinal system are both equally influential in the health and longevity of the individual, this is why I love chiropractic (as it deals with the nervous system) and I developed Forage Cereal (to assist the restoration of impeccable health to the gastrointestinal system).

Having combined the philosophies of both Naturopathic and Chiropractic approaches to healing and well-being – I believe that people learn and achieve the most when there is no interference and there is appropriate supply of goodness to allow the body to thrive.

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CAST 041
Postnatal Depression (it’s ok to not be ok)

This podcast is intended to make others not feel alone and to help them know where they can get help. Please make sure it is shared and fulfils its purpose!!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Yuz Rozenblum’s Bio:

I live in Melbourne Australia & am in my late 30’s. I have a degree in Marketing & spent over ten years in the advertising industry at various agencies working in account management & now contract as a social media manager. I’ve been married for nine years to a wonderful man (& father) who’s a game developer & a mother to mother to two children, Orli aged eight (in a few weeks) & Flynn who’s five.

PND is not forever

Both of our Orli was born, I suffered with severe PND/PPD that saw me being admitted to a parent infant psych facility (nuthouse) when she was eight weeks old & we stayed there for three weeks. Orli & I spent the first year of her life in therapy & at weekly attendances at the nuthouse.

My husband & I decided to have another baby when Orli was about 20 months & I ended up having a medically complicated pregnancy where our baby had an 20% chance of survival. I had a bi-partite placenta, placenta previa & vasa previa& gave birth who presented back at hospital being ‘failure to thrive’. We were readmitted to hospital & we remained there for nine weeks where he was diagnosed with Laryngomalacia (floppy airway at the level of the Larynx) & reflux which he’s still being treated for over five years later.

Motherhood & parenthood has not only challenged me but also rewarded me with some wonderful friends & a non-judgmental & understanding ‘village’.

I hope my story helps mothers out there know that PND is not forever; help is out there & you will get through this.

Yuz’s Quote:

“This is not forever.

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CAST 036
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Childbirth

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Susanne Grant's Bio:

When Susanne was pregnant, her past experiences of child abuse put her on a different road of care from her team of midwives. Thanks to the hypnobirthing course she did and learning how to work with her own medical team she had her own positive birth experience in May 2014. This birth gave her a new mission in life and she is now working with women all around the world to help them to get their own positive birth experience. Having lived with her PTSD, which was diagnosed at the age of 17, she knows firsthand how challenging this can be.

Healing After Birth

Susanne Grant is a licensed Hypnobirthing Teacher, hypnobirthing mother of little Hannah and founder of Grant Method of Birthing. She has an online Hypnobirthing Course in English, and is about to launch a Dutch version as well. She also teaches group and private classes in person. To help women heal after a challenging birth experience she also developed an online workshop called ‘Healing After Birth’.

Susanne’s Quote:

“Every time a mother comes to me with her heartbreaking birth story my soul cries out for her and her baby. I will do everything in my power for this world to change the way we treat women during birth.”

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CAST 004
Keeping your Relationship Strong After Baby Arrives

In this Episode 4 of Mum’s The Word we have Julie Sharon from Balance You sharing with us some of her wisdom about a very important topic that affects almost everyone and is also so very rarely spoken of. How does the relationship change between a couple once their baby arrives?

Listen in and you’ll learn that we all have similar worries, challenges, and experiences as new parents. Knowing what to do beforehand and then if and when things happen is really the key

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Julie Sharon's Bio:

Julie Sharon is a licensed clinical counselor who offers individual, couples and family therapy at her private practice in Amsterdam. She also is a Gottman Bringing Baby Home educator. After earning her bachelors degree in Psychology at Skidmore College, Julie completed her Masters in Counseling at Webster University.

Parents who feel overwhelmed

She specializes in working with people transitioning into parenthood who face issues related to pregnancy, birth (trauma) or postpartum adjustment, couples who feel disconnected but want to make things work, and parents who feel overwhelmed by parenthood or who are seeking parenting support. A Dutch-American, Julie speaks Dutch and English fluently and offers her services in both languages. She lives with her husband and two kids in Amsterdam.


Julie's Quote:

“Small things often”

Dr Emily’s Deets:

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