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Pelvic Alignment

In the first few minutes that I met Kamini, I realised that we speak the same language. Although she is a pregnancy yoga teacher and myself a pregnancy chiropractor, we have the same beliefs and philosophies on birth, the pelvis, sitting, opening. She is so refreshing and I am thrilled to share her wisdom on the cast.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Kamini Stam’s Bio:

Kamini has worked as a massage therapist since 1998 and started teaching Yoga in 2008. She has had the privilege to study with various renowned teachers around the globe. Each one of them helped her deepen her understanding of the human body, and clarifying the interaction between body and mind. 

The body is really designed and meant to move

In 2010 she decided to specialize in Pregnancy Yoga. From 2011 she studied with Katy Bowman to learn more about how the body is really designed and meant to move. Kamini is passionate about alignment and intrigued about how physical alignment supports a positive mindset or ‘mental alignment’. During the course in Pregnancy Yoga and Alignment she will explain you how to adapt various yoga postures to the needs of your pregnant body, working on an optimal balance between flexibility and strength to prepare your body for birth. In her classes you will learn all about pelvic alignment, on how to get and keep your pelvic floor muscles toned ánd relaxed and why that is important. You will learn not just to squat, but hów to squat to prepare for birth and how to create the optimal birthing space in the (lower opening of the) pelvis.

Kamini’s Quote:

“Our bodies are made to birth”

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CAST 069
Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation for C-section & Vaginal Deliveries

Inspiring, authentic and realistic views and topics. How I love being able to talk to these empowering women and offer you in-depth knowledge.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Susi Hately’s Bio:

Since 1993, Susi Hately has grown from teaching one or two musicians how to stay pain free while playing their instruments, to becoming a highly credible and reliable source for understanding and successfully using therapeutic yoga to enable people to get out of pain and back to the life they want to live – at home, work and play.

Better Body Balance

Her Signature Style of Yoga Therapy combines principles of anatomy and physiology with the ancient art of yoga asanas, breathing, pranayama, stillness and meditation. All of her sessions are customized to suit individual needs.

She started teaching this way back in 2001 because not every person with back pain or shoulder pain needed the same yoga program. Instead she focused on the person, their anatomy, their movement abilities and their day-to-day lifestyle. . . with a goal to cultivate better body balance.

Today she teaches people who have back pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulders, repetitive strain injury, and osteoarthritis; people going through chemotherapy, and people who are recovering from cancer treatment; people with neck pain, knee pain, and people rehabilitating from surgery; people with MS; Lou Gehrig’s, as well as people with anxiety, and depression. Clients come from all walks of life – executives, parents, retirees, elite athletes, Olympians, school teachers, dentists, doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, yoga teachers and more – but the common thing that brings them is always the same, initially – their pain, fatigue or tension is getting in the way of the life they want to live.

In 2001, she started to teach teachers the anatomy principles she uses in her classes each day. They had ah-ha moments in their own bodies as well as ah-ha moments with their students – there was less pain, more ease, and a greater feeling of lightness and strength.

In 2004, she began to train teachers more specifically in therapeutic yoga, and in 2007 she launched what is now called the Therapeutic Yoga Intensive. Over these 5 mind blowing days she teaches the theory and techniques she uses daily with her clients to help them reduce pain, manage long term physiological and systemic issues, recover from surgery and navigate treatment protocols.

In 2007, she began Certifying Yoga Teachers to become Yoga Therapists. Her Yoga Therapy Program is now one of a few IAYT Accredited Programs based in Canada, and is catered to yoga teachers who want to blending the modern with the ancient, who have tried what she has taught and sees the positive impact in their own practice, as well as in the practices of their students and who want to take their knowledge deeper; who want to flourish as therapeutic yoga teachers, and become really good at what they do. Susi has much experience in this world of improving movement and reducing pain and she wants to share it with people who are serious about their development and growth.

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CAST 025
From Stuck to Unstuck

A true breath of fresh air. And a real raw interview where Linda shares her story, her two very different birth stories and also where she is today and what she is doing to help women and mums.  T’was a real pleasure to have her on Mum’s The Word. Enjoy!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Linda Morrison's Bio:

Linda Morrison the author of the #1 International best seller ‘Live Love Exercise. The Ultimate Weightloss Guide For Women over 40’, feels everyone deserves to feel strong, healthy and full of vitality.

A busy coach and Mum of 2 teenagers has been a transformational coach since uni days.

Helping people

I love helping people achieve great self-esteem, coupled with a strong results based transformation in their body of health. I have the knack of helping people – whether they are women, men or busy families – find focus, feel great about themselves and move forward in their lives.

Linda’s Quote:

“The health tone of the family sits with the mother”

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CAST 009
All Wound Up with Belly Binding

Who would have known all the wonderful things that a long cloth can do for you postpartum let alone that we could talk about it and the benefits for an entire episode but here we are.

Belly Binding is something that I am hearing mentioned more often and its an ancient ritual that is making a comeback.

Mirjam shares what got her into it, why would you do it, who it benefits and even more in this episode. She also shares some wonderful parenting tips and links, which are also in the show notes below and not to be missed.

Enjoy and share!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Mirjam Heemskerk's Bio:

Mirjam Heemskerk experienced an enormous change in her life in 2004 when her father died shortly after her youngest daughter was born. These two events, birth and death so close to one another brought about an immense shift in her consciousness which resulted in a change of career from the publishing industry to the healing arts. During her two pregnancies and two subsequent home births she recognized the true power of the mind and body, and her interest in pregnancy and birth grew stronger.

Make every woman feel nourished an nurtured

She started several massage trainings to be a massage therapist. Mirjam embarked on a journey which combined touch, energetic healing, movement, nutrition, aromatherapy, herbs, crystal & flower remedies. Her passion for the Wise Women Cycle led her to work with babies, children, adolescents, pregnant women and mothers of all ages. Her passion is to bring the gift of a true Sacred Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood to the women in her community. Mirjam brings together her intuition and gentleness to make every woman feel nourished and nurtured.

Mirjam is Dutch and also speaks English, French and a little German.

Since 2007 Mirjam is the owner of manumanu massage

She created Gentle Beginnings at the start of 2015.

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