CAST 078
Daily Dinners for Busy Parents

An episode for all busy parents this week. You will love this mama’s jouney from corporate career to burnout to self taught chef to Dutch Masterchef finalist to cookbook creator.

Such a great one. Get listening. I can’t wait for the book and yes I have already pre-ordered.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Bojana Snijders’s Bio:

Bojana is Serbian, living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She is a wife and a mom of two boys. Bojana has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from INSEAD. During her corporate career, she held positions as a strategy consultant; investment banking associate; strategy and finance manager at eBay. Bojana is a self-taught chef and following her passion for cooking, she reached the finals week of the Dutch version of the popular TV cooking show Masterchef. She has since run her own culinary business Bojana Flavors ( and is currently writing a cookbook. Her favourite cookies are still macarons.

Daily Dinners for Busy Parents

Pick, Prep and Plate Your Way To Delicious Family Dinners

For busy working parents, getting dinner on the table is a daily struggle. Stressed and pressed for time, they resort to the same tired recipes and processed foods to do the job.

Mom and Chef Bojana Snijders-Nikodijevic brings a method to the weeknight madness, making it easy to cook healthy, delicious family dinners in 10 minutes—or less.

Having been a working mom in a high-pressure corporate career, I know the challenges busy parents face. And as a professional chef, I have learnt invaluable planning and preparation skills that I have translated into a method suitable for home kitchens.

Bringing the efficiency of the professional kitchen into the home, her easy-to-follow approach teaches readers how to:

  • Remove daily stress: plan, organize and prep the basics in advance, without sacrificing nutrition or quality
  • Shorten daily rush time: finish healthy and delicious dinners in 10 minutes or less
  • Provide flexibility: last minute mix and match approach to feed even the pickiest eaters without cooking two meals

Bojana’s zero-recipe method is a spark of genius that fills family dinners with variety and healthy goodness. She equips busy parents with the skills and strategies they need to provide the healthy, delicious food their family deserves—and to do it brilliantly every day.

Bojana’s Quote:

“I never anticipated how much becoming a mum would change me”

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CAST 074
What having 2 Miscarriages Taught Me

I have complete respect for Grace’s strength, positivity, resilience and her willingness to share her story and change the way our world looks at miscarriage.   What a story she has and I am blessed she did it with the MTW tribe.

You Rock Grace!!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Grace Miano’s Bio:

Founder of Goodness Gracious Health, Grace Miano is a degree-qualified Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and Student Doula/Birth Attendant. 

Helping Woman

Having experienced fertility issues and two miscarriages of her own, Grace is particularly passionate about helping women achieve and maintain a health pregnancy to term, and obtaining all of the holistic support that is required, via her Angels to Rainbows e-book, and her Angels to Rainbows program, which includes support for healing after loss and conceiving again, using food as medicine, correct supplementation, lifestyle recommendations, appropriate referrals and testing, access to private online support group, recipes, e-books, tip sheets, and a variety of other resources.

See my About Me section on my website to learn about my story and background and how I found my way into this important work.

My Education/Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Health Science, Nutritional Medicine
  • Certificate in Infant Massage Instruction
  • Certificate IV, Training & Assessment
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary)
  • Additional Specialist Qualification, Special Education
  • Additional Qualification, Secondary Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
  • Birthing Wisdom Birth Attendant Training with Rhea Dempsey (complete end 2017)

Offer to listeners:

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CAST 072
Post-Natal Nutrition

Hi All,

Another fab interview is coming your way here on an essential topic that all mothers need to be educated in. I certainly trust that this episode is going to gets loads of downloads and listeners are in for a treat. Gillian brings so much more insight than nitrition on this episode – actually it should really be called Self- Care in the Post-Partum period but I wont give too much away. Post Natal Nutriton is certainly discussed but oh so so much more.


X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Gillian Kolkman’s Bio:

Gillian is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist, who studied at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London. She is also a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She has a Nutritional Therapy practice in the Oud Zuid of Amsterdam, close to Wellbeing Chiropractor and is a mum of two boys.

Passionate about helping people

As a mother, and currently pregnant with her third, she is keen to share what she has learnt about postnatal nutrition and motherhood over the last 9 years.

Gillian also has a special interest in fertility, women’s health issues and autoimmune conditions. She is passionate about helping people to be the healthiest they can be using foods and nutrients for natural health care and wellbeing. She loves educating and empowering her clients to take control of their own health to see the true benefits of eating the right foods. She really believes all women can have an amazing experience during pregnancy, labour and the first years of motherhood.

Gillian was a recent speaker at the Amsterdam Motherhood Project event and is here today to talk to us about the extremely important and often forgotten subject of postnatal nutrition for the mother.

Gillian’s Quote:

“Value progress over perfection.”

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CAST 049
Nutrition, Preconception to Birth and Beyond

Hi All,

It was truly fab to have my dear friend and coolague on the show sharing his wisdom on preconception nutrition and all mums- to be can do before pregnancy to ensure optimal health for themselves and their future baby.


X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Damian Kristof’s Bio:

I’ve been in the health industry now for more than 20 years in many different capacities. As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Chiropractor I have enjoyed helping thousands of people regain health and vitality through natural approaches. I am continually excited and delighted by the life changes that people experience when they start to trust in their own ability to heal without excessive intervention.

Educate and inspire people

My path through health has been exciting and varied, and at the same time very challenging and rewarding. I love the ability to interact on a one on one basis daily with my practice members and at the same time, I love the ability to educate and inspire people to change through multi media including Radio (Melbourne’s Triple M), TV (Downsize Me, Inside New Zealand, Brian and Bobby, The Exchange) Podcasting (The Wellness Guys and 100 Not Out) and of course in a seminar setting with The Power Of Food and Crack Your Stress Code events. My belief is that both the nervous system and the gastro-intestinal system are both equally influential in the health and longevity of the individual, this is why I love chiropractic (as it deals with the nervous system) and I developed Forage Cereal (to assist the restoration of impeccable health to the gastrointestinal system).

Having combined the philosophies of both Naturopathic and Chiropractic approaches to healing and well-being – I believe that people learn and achieve the most when there is no interference and there is appropriate supply of goodness to allow the body to thrive.

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CAST 026
Inability to Breastfeed. Healing the Grief

Thankyou so much To Rachael for sharing her journey with breastfeeding when her little ones were born. A real honest raw share and I invite you to listen.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe 

Dr Emily’s Bio:

Rachael is a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Spiritual Mentor. She also has a work from anywhere business, teaching people how to gain financial freedom.


Cleanse, heal and transform

She is passionate about providing a loving, open space for people to cleanse, heal and transform their lives on every level body, mind and Spirit.

Rachael is a mum of 2 beautiful girls, Isis 10 and Pixie 8, whom she homeschools. She is peacefully and happily married to her husband of 11 years Ash Moses. They live in Currumbin on the Gold Coast.

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CAST 007
Raising Kids who Choose and LOVE to eat Healthy Food

In this Episode 7 of Mum’s The Word we have our first dad on the show!! Dr Brett Hill shares with me his passion for educating his kids (and larger audiences too) on how to live the wellness lifestyle and how to teach them to love eating real food.

He’s even mastered how to get his kids Tom and Charlotte to choose to eat healthy food when he is not around and he’s just released a new e-book sharing all his not-to-do’s and to-do’s on this topic that have worked for him and his two. Very down to earth and easy to connect with, he’s not your average dad, he truly is an inspiring parent with a fantastic message for you all and he also happens to be my first fellow podcaster that I interview on our show.

A truly great episode for getting amazing practical tips on how to get your kids to eat healthily without bribes or making them feel guilty and so much more. Enjoy.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Dr Brett Hill's Bio:

Dr Brett Hill is co-host of two of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, public speaker, Paleo advocate, chiropractorbarefoot runner and author of numerous books and e-books. He regularly appears on TV, radio and in print, and his media appearances, seminars, coaching and consulting have inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality.

Create a healthier environment

Dr Brett has been able to share his journey to health coming from a coca cola drinking, mars bar eating young man to a vital, paleo, whole food advocate today with his two gorgeous children Tom and Charlotte, who have inspired Dr Brett to take his message to the world in order to create a healthier environment for his family to thrive in.

Dr Brett’s websites, articles, videos, media appearances and books have inspired people all over the world to make drastic changes for the better in their life and their health.

Some Highlights from Dr Brett’s dynamic career include:

  • Co-host of Australia’s number one health podcast ‘The Wellness Guys Show‘ and ‘That Paleo Show
  • Co-founder of Australia’s leading health podcast channel The Wellness Couch
  • Editorial in publications as diverse as The Adelaide Magazine, Men’s Health and The Borneo Post and The Advertiser newspaper
  • Online editorial on NineMSN, AdelaideNow and more
  • Radio appearances on ABC, 5AA, FreshFM, Fresh 102.3 and others
  • TV appearances on Channel Seven and Channel Nine
  • Wellness seminars including Queensland’s Dynamic Growth congress, ING corporate work, The Wellness Summit and more
  • Launching popular health resource and monthly newsletter
  • His successful chiropractic and wellness coaching practice in Linden Park, South Australia
  • Author of How To Eat An Elephant: simple solutions for lifelong energy and vitality (The Wellness Couch)

Dr Hill’s Quote:

“it’s about giving them the right information and showing them the whole picture so that they can make a really informed choice”

Dr Hill’s Deets:

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