CAST 021
Lamaze. Not your Mum’s Huffing and Puffing class.

The highest energy guest to date on Mum’s The Word. And we both could have kept talking forever. What a delight Tanya Strusberg was to have on the podcast talking about Lamaze and so much more!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Tanya Strusberg's Bio:

Tanya Strusberg is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and founder of BirthWell BirthRight an independent childbirth education practice based in Melbourne. In 2015, Tanya was inducted as an FACCE (Fellow of the Academy of Certified Childbirth Educators) in recognition of her significant contribution to childbirth education.

Through her internationally accredited Lamaze Educator Training program, she is very excited to be training a new generation of Australian Lamaze educators.

Last, but absolutely not least, she is also the mum of two beautiful children, her son Liev and daughter Amalia.

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CAST 015
Kids and Chiropractic

It’s a question I get asked all the time. Why would a baby need to be checked by a chiropractor? And in this episode we discuss this and so much more on the topic of kids and chiropractic.

And although we are discussing in depth the work that I do, I am playing the curious mum in this episode and I ask Jacey all the questions that you also probably have.

So a very important message dear to my heart this week and I am thrilled to share this message with you and have Jacey my colleague in Chiropractic as a guest on the show.

ENJOY this week’s episode and once again, thanks for listening!!

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X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Dr Jacey Pryma's Bio:

As a chiropractic entrepreneur Jacey Pryma is on a mission to see as many kids as possible live a full and vibrant life with chiropractic care central to that transformation. She is a program developer, software developer, teaching seminars around Australia and New Zealand and works with chiropractors around the globe through her program called Well Kids.

A magical experience for kids

Dr Jacey is a massive fan of Disney and prides herself on making every visit to her office a magical experience for kids and parents alike, sprinkling a little pixie dust over everything she does. Today we will learn a little about her, what she’s up to and the amazing advice she has for new mums with brand new little bubbas.

Dr Jacey's Quote:

“To live would be an awfully big adventure”

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CAST 004
Keeping your Relationship Strong After Baby Arrives

In this Episode 4 of Mum’s The Word we have Julie Sharon from Balance You sharing with us some of her wisdom about a very important topic that affects almost everyone and is also so very rarely spoken of. How does the relationship change between a couple once their baby arrives?

Listen in and you’ll learn that we all have similar worries, challenges, and experiences as new parents. Knowing what to do beforehand and then if and when things happen is really the key

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Julie Sharon's Bio:

Julie Sharon is a licensed clinical counselor who offers individual, couples and family therapy at her private practice in Amsterdam. She also is a Gottman Bringing Baby Home educator. After earning her bachelors degree in Psychology at Skidmore College, Julie completed her Masters in Counseling at Webster University.

Parents who feel overwhelmed

She specializes in working with people transitioning into parenthood who face issues related to pregnancy, birth (trauma) or postpartum adjustment, couples who feel disconnected but want to make things work, and parents who feel overwhelmed by parenthood or who are seeking parenting support. A Dutch-American, Julie speaks Dutch and English fluently and offers her services in both languages. She lives with her husband and two kids in Amsterdam.


Julie's Quote:

“Small things often”

Dr Emily’s Deets:

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