CAST 075
What is “Normal” when it Comes to Birth?

Its certainly time we had another Doula on the show. Its no secret I think Doulas Rock! I am so thrilled to introduce Mari Gordon this week while we get to hear why she has such a positive fresh approach to birth and life.


X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Mari Gordon's Bio:

Mari (Gordon) is a US native who has been living in the Netherlands for the past 19 years. Having done just about everything under the sun, she finally decided to answer a calling, and completed her doula training with JJ Doula Training in Amsterdam in 2012.  She feels especially passionate about childbirth education and breastfeeding support. Alongside her growing doula practice, she’s the proud mother of two very sassy little girls.


Mari’s Quote:

“Open, Flexible, Positive”

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CAST 061
Birth Plans. Hospital Preferences

I was so thrilled to have Pip from Birth Savvy on the cast who is amazingly passionate about birth, outcomes, people knowing their options and asking for what they want.

It has been a hugely successful episode in terms of downloads and also in the amount of feedback from mums that it was no doubt a certainty for the “best of ” series.

So very often discussed but never is there really a “what to avoid” or a “where to look”…. here are some tips to consider for your birth plan. Why you need one… why its ok to call it a plan and what might never be accepted if it was in one.

So as you can imagine this week is a very important message that all mums to be would love to hear. One to certainly be shared many times!! So please do share this episode and it’s links/resources with those pregnant women around you especially those nearing the end of their pregnancy.

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ENJOY this week’s Episode and thanks for listening!!

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Pip Wynn Owen ’s Bio:

Pip is a childbirth educator, midwife and mother of four who is a passionate advocate of empowering parents to create better births.

Over a decade ago Pip was charged with the antenatal classes program and teaching at a large private hospital. Working as a midwife at the time, Pip decided to enroll in formal childbirth education study through Birth International. The study dramatically changed her understanding and approach to prenatal education.

Birth Savvy

With the birth of her fourth child, her first with an obstetrician in the private hospital, Pip realised the real need to create an independent childbirth education service, operating externally and alongside the system. She launched “Birth Savvy – Ask for What You Want” in early 2013 which promotes Better Birthing through education. Workshops are held throughout WA and focus on helping parents get the birthing experience they deserve through increasing their confidence and knowledge and promoting an equal partnership with their obstetricians.

Since the inauguration of “Birth Savvy”, Pip has discovered the complimentary practice of hypnobirthing, and has since qualified as a Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner.

Through her passion for improving birth experiences for couples Pip has become a sort after commentator on maternity issues and makes regular appearances on National Radio and TV. She has also been asked to written opinion pieces for national newspapers.

She has also contributed to magazines and online blogs, such as Practical Parenting, Empowering Birth and

Pip was also awarded the National Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner of Excellence 2014/2105.

Pip’s Quote:

“Don’t stress about the birth. Its just one day, enjoy your pregnancy, the birth is just a small part.”

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CAST 048
Choosing a Home Birth

I absolutely loved this episode! Super relaxed and it was my first time interviewing my guest in person, sitting relaxed on the couch and having a chat. I could get used to it!

Not only do Karen and I have the same name (ok well you all know me as Kaz , true, which is my preferred name but Karen is the name my mum gave me) but we also speak the same language and I am not referring  to the English language if you get what I mean. 

We sepak all things birth, natural parenting and loads about what to expect for new mums.


X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Karen Tham’s Bio:

Karen Tham is a mother of 2 beautiful children – Kaia who is 8 and Christian who is 5.  She is a stay at home mom, chauffeur for 2 and a very talented juggler who manages to co-ordinate her children and husband’s busy schedules while trying to find time to bake cookies and read teen fiction.

Moving and travelling

Karen has 2 University degrees, a Bachelor of Commerce in Psychology and Marketing and a Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic.  She’s spent most of her life moving and travelling, she has a passion for Interior decor and design and is the Co-host of Inside the Champions Mind.  A podcast she shares with her husband where they discuss mindset and their stories and challenges in Life, Love and Legacy.

Karen’s Deets:

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