CAST 070
A Natural Fertility Success Story

I love a feel good story. I’m so thrilled to bring you this empoeering inspiring story from a wonderful big-hearted super mama. She’s got so much love to share and I’m honoured to bring you her story.  Enjoy

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Shay Klomp-Beuters’ Bio:

Shay Klomp Bueters is passionate about helping people ”break–up with sugar” allowing them to learn the foods that truly nourish the body providing lifelong knowledge to live their healthiest, happiest life!


Shay graduated from the University of Montana with Bachelors of Science in Health and Human performance. After over 10 years in a 9-5 as the Director of an International Trade Organization, she decided it was time to go back to her roots in health and wellness, graduating from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Having experienced firsthand the life changing power nourishing foods have on the body in dealing with infertility and burnout; she is now on a crusade to help others do the same!

Shay works primarily online, offering 1:1 consultations with her Happier, Healthier YOU program as well as a 5 week Re-Vitalize YOU group cleanse – where she works with clients from the Netherlands, and also globally.

Shay invites you to download her Hormone Disruptor eBook, providing some simple steps to keep your hormones balanced and at their healthiest!

Shay’s Quote:

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”

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CAST 068
C-Section Scar Tissue

Inspiring, authentic and realistic views and topics. How I love being able to talk to these empowering women and offer you in-depth knowledge.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Dr Andrea Huddleston’s Bio:

Dr Andrea Huddleston is an integrative chiropractor, women’s health and natural fertility specialist. With extensive postgraduate studies in women’s health, reproductive medicine, natural fertility, nutritional medicine and wellness coaching and as the co-founder and co-host of The Wellness Women, Dr Andrea is passionate about spreading the message of optimal health and leading the community to make health choices based in wellness and vitality, rather than sickness and disease.

The Period Wisperer

Affectionately referred to as ‘The Period Whisperer’ by her patients and a strong advocate of women’s health, Andrea educates and empowers women to make the best health and lifestyle choices, with easy to understand information, to take control of their hormones and boost their fertility, often when other methods have failed.

Dr Andrea practices from Open Space Healing in Fremantle, Perth and works with women with PMS, amenorrhea, cycle irregularities as well as medically diagnosed polycystic ovarian syndrome, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis, as well as couples experiencing fertility challenges. Or, simple, women wanting to regain their health and feel balanced and vital!

“My mission is to help women get back in touch with their bodies and help them to understand that the signs, symptoms and imbalances they’re experiencing are not normal or something that should just have to ‘put up with’. The best part of my day is helping them heal and balance their body and witnessing how their optimal health transforms their lives and allows them to live with passion and purpose.”

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CAST 040
Reflexology for Fertility, Pregnancy and Birth

This week’s episode, we discuss all things reflexology. Sam is more than qualified to be our guest for the episode and she left me, and I’m sure you will be left feeling the same, wanting to be on her treatment bed with your feet up in her hands.

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X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Samantha Langridge’s Bio:

Samantha Langridge is a passionate and dedicated Reflexologist, Having worked as a full time professional reflexologist since graduating in 1999.


Reflexology Association

Currently working at vitalessence in Centre road Bentleigh, Samantha also shares her knowledge and passion with others through teaching in the community, mentoring reflexology students and working in aged care and corporate settings. Although in general practice, Samantha has a special interest in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy and has worked supporting many women through peri menopause and menopause. She has also had many years of experience working successfully to improve the health of clients with chronic bowel conditions, neurological conditions and foot issues such as plantar fasciitis and peripheral neuropathy as a result of chemotherapy.

Samantha has had many years of experience working within the Reflexology Association of Australia serving as a founding director of the national body, organising a very successful National conference, and holding many positions, both nationally and on a state level including Victorian branch chair.

In the last 17 years Samantha has also attended over 25 different Post Graduate Reflexology courses and seminars and is constantly adding to her knowledge and skills to further help her clients.

For those of you unaware of Reflexology it is a natural therapy that involves mapping all parts of the body onto reflex points on the hands and feet. Through a reflexology session Samantha will gently massage these reflex points in specific ways to induce an overwhelming sense of relaxation that will effect the whole person- in mind, body and spirit, helping the body to return to its natural state of balance.

Samantha’s Quote:

“Self care for women is not an indulgence- it is a necessity to support your own health and wellbeing and that of your family.”

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CAST 008
Double the Fun – Survival Tips from a Twin Mum

I’ve so been looking forward to sharing this episode for quite some time. As a mum of a boy (and yes I am generalizing here with what I am about to say) I was not prepared for the amount of climbing, jumping, dare devil kamikaze risk taking energizer battery energy that little boys have and get up to. Sometimes I feel like I need eyes in the back of my head with my little one. And he just turned 2 not that long ago so we have a looooong way to go and lots of sporting pursuits to come our way. I guess it just came as a bit of a shock having a child that gets into everything after my daughter, who was a very “careful” child.

I just couldn’t imagine having twins (although before I was a mum I thought twins would be fantastic – have the babes all in one go??) but these days I cannot imagine at all having twins!

My guest this week – I take my hat off to her – is a mum to twins and yes you guessed it … TWIN BOYS! I know her personally and I know how amazing she is with them and how patient she is.

I thought we could all learn from her wisdom but certainly all the mums with 2 or more babies in their bellies right now or those with a young set of twins would be happy to hear from a mum who’s been in their shoes. She also discusses how important it is for mothers to nurture themselves, giving the example of when on a plane, a parent must put on their own oxygen mask before putting it on their child

It’s a GREAT episode and Sherry shares some fantastic parenting links that have also helped her navigate motherhood. Enjoy.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Sherry Federer's Bio:

Sherry Federer is an ex-pat mom of 4-year old twin boys and lives in Amsterdam. It’s never a dull day at their house between the dinosaur expeditions, fort building and games of hide-and-go-seek. Currently Sherry is a stay-at-home mum on a mission to rock this motherhood thing. Sherry and her wife moved to Amsterdam when Sherry was 4 months pregnant and they had many adventures navigating a new city and creating a support system to help them through those first years. It’s been a fun ride, albeit challenging at times, and they can’t imagine having done things any other way.

Sherry’s Quote:

“Its not an Emergency”

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CAST 003
(In)fertility, Optimal Pelvic Health and Mercier Therapy

Its Episode 3 and we have Jennifer Mercier sharing with us some of her wisdom.

X Dr Kaz Jaffe

Jennifer Merciers Bio:

Jennifer’s passion is serving women with fertility issues, pelvic pain, general wellness matters, holistic breast care and newborn/infant cranio-sacral balancing. 

Fertility challenges

During her undergraduate years Jennifer was preparing to attend medical school and at the same time was diagnosed with endometriosis and went to massage therapy school. It was a busy time indeed. In the early 90’s she worked as a clinician for the Center for Human Reproduction and learned so many amazing things as well as how broken the system really is in regards to how women are treated with fertility challenges. The cycles very rarely worked and when they did there were a lot of pregnancy losses. It started her thinking about the pelvic organs and how could we get this area to work more effectively. Especially if women were going to undergo numerous medically assisted cycles how could this process be less emotionally and physically charging?  Jennifer observed marriages end and couples second mortgage their home just to undergo one more IVF cycle just for it to fail again. It broke her heart. Years later when she decided not to go to medical school she gave it some thought on how to proceed so she could effectively serve women with fertility challenges in a non-invasive way.

Jennifer ultimately decided to go into Midwifery and trained by apprentice  in a myriad of different settings such as birth center, home and hospital. Over a span of 15 years she took care of women and their babies in a very gentle and respectful manner.

Jennifer also trained as a Naturopathic Doctor and graduated in 1999 from a wonderful program that had to close it’s doors due to low enrollment. Since graduating she’s traveled the world from the US, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico ,Canada, Europe and the Middle East studying with some amazing teachers in the field.

Jen is a healer, teacher, mother, director/producer, and practitioner.

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